Belgium: The COVID-19 pandemic is already one of the largest public health crises of the century. The risk of reaching the capacity of our health care system (shortage of materials such as beds / respiratory aids and medical personnel) is real. Telecorona aims to increase the capacity of our health care system through tele-medicine. By use of the newest digital technologies and aid of voluntary doctors and medical students, Telecorona is trying to support the response to this pandemic.

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Staying in shape can be a challenge in times of Lockdown.  However, it's tremendously important for your immune system and your overall health and well-being.  Luckily, there is a large amount of exercises you can do without needing any equipment whatsoever.  There are lots of Facebook groups with information about this, and various fun challenges to keep you motivated.  Check out Lockdown Fitness, but there are many others!

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Google launched an educational coronavirus website on March 20, 2020, that contains safety tips and authoritative information about the pandemic.  The website,, is focused on education, prevention and local resources. People can find state-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further resources for individuals, educators and businesses.

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