List of Belgian webshops

Undoubtedly, philosophers, economists, sociologists, virologists and others will debate for years what the consequences of the corona crisis are on humanity, our culture, our economy, our lifestyles, etc.

We are happy to leave that debate to others (or to other pages on this website). After all, many Belgian companies are in dire need right now, with of course also imminent dramatic consequences for large numbers of employees.

Not only large companies, SMEs but also self-employed people are having a hard time these days.

The tough (global) price competition that sometimes offers attractive options for consumers also has a downside. Do we really want to buy those shoes online that were made 10.000 km from here, in some cases by frail children's hands?

And what about the damage to the environment caused by all those distant transports?

We would like to quote the article published on on March 20, 2020 and the Open Letter of a series of entrepreneurs contained therein. This perfectly explains why we provide a list of Belgian webshops below.

Do you have a webshop that you would also like to see listed here? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

List of Belgian webshops:

A.S.Adventure (Dominique Motte)

Beka (Boudewijn De Zutter)

Bel&Bo (Michel Delfosse)

Brantano (Anja Maes)

Bristol (Elise Vanaudenhove)

caroline biss (Bart Saelen)

CKS (Manu Bracke)

colora (Toon Bossuyt)

Damart Belux (Filiep Blontrock)

Di & Planet Parfum (Tanguy De Ripainsel)

Fnac Vanden Borre (Charles-Henri de Maleissye)

Fred & Ginger (Dieter Penninckx)

Fun (Philippe De Moor)

JBC (Ann & Bart Claes)

Jules Destrooper (Ives Depoortere)

Lattoflex (Tom De Coene)

LolaLiza (Stephan Jeger)

maxitoys (Alain Hellebaut)

Mayerline (Mimi Lamote) 

Sleeplife (Wim Herman)

Standaard Boekhandel & Club (Geert Schotte)

Steylaerts Badkamers (Patrick Steylaerts)

Torfs (Wouter Torfs)

Veritas (Corneel De Maeyer)

ZEB & The Fashion (Store Luc Van Mol)


Article March 20, 2020:


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